The Project

One Flavor, One Week

There are 52 weeks in a year.

There are 240,958,240 flavors of ice cream. Actually, there are infinite flavors of ice cream. Yes, infinite flavors... but the creation of infinite flavors would take infinite lifetimes, and I am not a Time Lord. (But I am a nerd.)

Anyway. I am proposing a grand experiment, one to parallel creation itself! Doesn't that sound epic?

Yes. I am proposing the creation of 52 flavors of ice cream. One flavor per week (on average) for the rest of the year (2011).

Now, some of these flavors will have been tried and tested throughout history. Others will never have been tasted before (and perhaps, based on what they are - may never be tasted ever.)

Additionally, there will be other types of adventures into the world of ice cream, such as: Stabilizers. WTF are they? Eggs. Does ice cream REALLY need them? Soy, sorbet, sherbet... (Did you know there's not supposed to be a second R in sherbet [sherbert]. Thanks, spell check!)

And there will be reviews of the desserty tastes and flavors from fancy hip yummy places and not-so-fancy good ole American establishments. I mean, seriously, it's been 7 years since I've had a Frosty - ever since I heard they put cement in them - but is that really true? Let's find out! Together.

What this is - what this will become - is a magical interweb place of ice cream dreams and wishes, where America's #1 dessert can be created and explored.

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