Friday, September 2, 2011

#19 Strawberry Lemonade

Sorry for the FOREVER delay in posting, but after much (probably forgotten) anticipation, here it is: STRAWBERRY LEMONADE. This ice cream is partly inspired by my coworker, Lizsl, who was inspired by the McDonald's ad for their strawberry lemonade slushy drink (but obviously my ice cream is WAY better) and partly because I had tried this Strawberry Champagne Cocktail recipe one night and found pureed strawberries to be so tasty and amazing.

Luckily strawberries happened to be on sale at the local grocery store. So with strawberries in hand and a few freshly squeezed lemons, this ice cream came to be.

It's actually a very simple recipe. First, review the cocktail recipe so you can see how to puree strawberries. Then take the following:

1 cup sugar,
32 ounces of strawberries
4 lemons
1 and 1/2 cups cream.

And do this to them:

Put the sugar in a pot.
Puree the strawberries
Juice the lemons (you need approximately 1 cup of fresh lemon juice).

Then add the strawberry puree and lemon juice to the pot with the sugar. Heat on medium to assist the sugar in dissolving. Use the immersion blender to make sure everything is well mixed. Then strain it. TWICE.

Add 1 1/2 cups heavy cream to the strained mixture and then whisk it until thoroughly mixed. Chill it, churn it, enjoy!

See the pictures below. I was having fun with the knife and strawberries. It was basically a strawberry massacre, which might be a good alternative name for this ice cream. It tastes amazing, just like strawberry lemonade. I kind of think it tastes like a fruit roll-up in a way, but that's okay because fruit roll-ups taste wonderful too.

The End.


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